Marcus Couch


One of the things that, you know, in both in-show and off-show discussions is I despise Facebook. Clients sometimes have these needs where they want to embed Facebook and use Facebook and you just can’t fight the tide. Sometimes you’ve just got to deal with it. Dealing with Facebook code can be a real pain when it comes to WordPress. I found a really nice plugin called Facebook Feed, that allows you to easily — and I mean easily — display a customizable feed of your Facebook page right on your WordPress website. Now it lets you do it just with a short code: Facebook-feed is the short code, and then you can customize exactly what gets displayed. Now what I really liked about this is one particular feature alone, which is it allowed me to display events from my Facebook feed.

I could literally let the client not get into WordPress and do all these crazy events and try and make all of this stuff. But they could do it within Facebook and I could just import that stuff within one page. So I thought it was really easy. To me, it’s the perfect plugin for Facebook. But because it’s Facebook, I had to take a point away, so I rated it 8 out of 10.

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Rating: 8/10