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This is something that I’ve been kind of looking for for a long time and any of you out there that listen to this show probably have a lot of different kinds of plugins installed within your WordPress installation. This is called Plugin Groups, and here’s what it does..

It allows you to organize your plugins in the admin page by grouping them together. Now we’re all used to three different kinds of groups already on our site, which is installed, not active, recently active, update available. Well, imagine if you had a bunch of different plugins on your site that were for social, and maybe a couple that were for forms and maybe a few for E-commerce. You could actually group all of your plugins under whatever heading you wanted and then with one click, you could just look at those plugins within your group. So if they’re old, ancient plugins, custom plugins, paid plugins, things like that, you can group them all together and then up at the top where you typically would see that recently activated, update available and all that, all of the groups that you designate will be up there as well. A very handy plugin; it’s by my pal, David Cramer from South Africa. He’s the guy that did the Caldera Engine, which is also known as My Short Codes. Outstanding plugin, very nicely coded. I rated this one a perfect 10.

[plugin_name src=”plugin-groups”]

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Rating: 10/10