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It’s the Bulls Podcast #54 hosted by Marcus Couch and Doug Thonus. We’ve got full Bulls vs Wizards Reaction, our State of the #Bulls, Fizzled out Trade Rumors and Game predictions for the coming week.
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We’ve got several topics for this episode. Including:

Bulls vs Wizards Rundown
Bulls Trade Rumors that never happened
State of The Bulls
Game predictions for the coming week

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Bulls vs Wizards Post-Game
The Bulls took on the Washington Wizards in a must-win scenario to get a small foothold to the 8th seed of the playoffs. Unfortunately, they got smoked, losing the game 126-114
Zach Lavine led the way for the Bulls with 41 points on 15-21 FGs, but the Bulls were not in a 126-114 loss to the Wizards at any point in the game.
Sato continued to play well against his former team, leading to the question, should we trick Sato into thinking he’s always playing the Wizards?  He needs to play this way all the time, not just showing off in front of his old teammates.
Daniel Gafford, who you heard in the intro of the show, DID NOT PLAY due to a coach’s decision. WHY?????
The All-Star break is upon the Bulls, who are 19-36, losers of 6 straight and sit in 10th in the East.
Bulls Trade Rumors
Denzel Valentine could not be moved.
It may not be the move that propels this team in the right direction, but it’s clear that small forward Denzel Valentine needed to be traded before the deadline this season. It’s not entirely his fault, both sides seemed to want to move on, but there were no takers.
Would have been nice to get back something for Denzel, but I think at most you were looking at a second rounder.  When the 76ers traded for Glen Robinson III and Alec Burks the Bulls probably lost their shot at moving Valentine.  Seems highly likely the Bulls would have taken 2nds for Valentine (even 1) so my guess is the 76ers just preferred those players.
Acquiring center Andre Drummond from Detroit.
We had a shot to get Drummond, but there was no interest shown publicly by the Bulls. It would have been a great story to grab both Andre and Derrick Rose, but that story is yet to be fulfilled.
This would have been an interesting move because Drummond went for basically nothing.  There are questions about how much he impacts the game, I mean Detroit was nothing special with him and Rose.   I’m not sure how much you’d have had to give up to make this happen but Porter + 1st might have gotten it done.   You’d then probably want to spin off WCJ for something else in a follow up trade (perhaps in the summer) because there’s no room with him and Drummond.  You’d have to be comfortable with what you think he will demand to keep him most likely because obviously this trade wouldn’t be about doing a whole lot this year most likely.  It might have bumped you up to the 8th seed and 35 wins, but where does it leave you in the future? Still, case can be made the resulting team (especially if you swung Carter for a good wing) would be a 45+ win type team, and the Bulls deifnitely have the personnel to play around a center that can’t shoot.   Low ultimate upside, but right now we’re no where, so it still would have given the Bulls a watchable team for awhile.

Malik Monk
The only player on this list that the Chicago Bulls could’ve traded for at the trade deadline this year that actually didn’t get moved is the Charlotte Hornets 6-foot-3 23-year-old shooting guard Malik Monk. Since Monk isn’t having his best year in terms of offensive production, the Bulls would be able to buy low on him.
So far this season, Monk is averaging 9.