Marcus Couch


One of the cool things about WordPress is the customizer that allows you to change different settings with your theme, background images, background colors, fonts, things like that, right within one simple little custom interface. But the problem with it, John, is that you can’t move the custom settings from one to another, so you have to really kind of redo your customization from one site to the next. Well no more, my friend. This one is called Customizer Export Import, and it allows you to save your settings for customization.

Export them, download them, and then go to your next site that has this plugin installed, and import that same file and all of your customization settings are exactly perfect — totally the way that you want them. Now here’s what’s really unique about this plugin. The files are named after your theme and they can only be used to import settings for that theme or that child theme that they came from.

So you can’t set them up for one theme and then try and hybrid that into another theme. It only works for that theme. And that’s really nice because you can almost like stage something with the customizer on the backstage site and not have to go through all the rigmarole of migrating a theme, you could just change the theme settings. This one’s really, really handy and I gave it a perfect 10.

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