Marcus Couch


Well, I have a very, very handy plugin that you could probably use because you deal with clients in making sites and probably there are certain sections of the website that you may not want a client to get into, right? Well, this is called User Roles and Capabilities, and it’s a new plugin that lets you manage and modify user roles and you can create, delete, clone, do whatever you want as far as the user roles. You can do it all from just one single page. Now what would you use a user role for in the capabilities? Well, here’s a couple of things. If you had say a client and you don’t want them to monkey around in the plugin section or definitely don’t want them monkeying around with appearance, you know, to get into widgets or create crazy stuff like that, so you just kind of want to lock them out of different sections of the website.

Perhaps you have customers that also login to the back end and maybe there are things natively as a customer that people see that you don’t want them to see, or maybe there’s extra sections that you want them to see and want them to play around with. So this lets you do all of that. Now there is a safeguard. Before you get any ideas, you can’t go in and edit the admin role and make it so that I can’t do anything on the website, okay? But in fact, all of the native formats within WordPress as far as user roles still remain, but you just get to make new ones. That’s really all it is. I’ve found it a really handy plugin and it served a purpose that I desperately needed it for. I know that there’s other user role plugins out there, but they don’t do the cloning feature like this one does — not this well. So I rated this one a perfect 10.

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