Marcus Couch


Another year has passed and it's time to attend one of my favorite conferences of the year! WordCamp Orange County, my home WordCamp.

Like previous years, this year there are many great sessions and speakers. I thought it would be fit to let everyone know my tentative schedule and hopefully I can meet several fellow attendees.

Saturday, June 6th

9:00 AM – “How Not to Submit Your Plugin” with Mika Ariela Epstein.

9:50 AM – “Blurred Lines – A Workflow for Responsive Projects” with Natalie Maclees

10:40 AM – “Selling WordPress Products” with Scott Bollinger

11:30 AM – “You Don't Have to be a Core Contributor to Give Back” – Chris Ford

2:00 PM – “Which WordPress Job is Right For You?” – Suzette Franck

2:50 PM – “The Road to Success is Paved with Superior Customer Care” – Levan Apriashvili

3:40 PM – “Selling a Million Dollars in Design” – Jennifer Bourn

7:00 PM – After Party

Sunday, June 6th

10:00 AM – Business Workshop with Chris Lema, Jeff Turner, Karim Marucchi and Cory Miller

2:00 PM – “Going from Solo to Sustainable” – Tony Mazzarella

2:50 PM – “Marketing Automation Using WordPress” – Robert Donnell

3:40 PM – “Creating a Blogging Schedule using the 20/30 Rule” – Jarrett Gucci

I'm looking forward to every one of these sessions, but especially thrilled to take part in the business workshop. I am eagerly anticipating meeting many more people in the community for the first time, and running into regular colleagues in the industry that I have networked with or worked together with on projects. It's going to be a great event!