Marcus Couch


I love bringing up plugins like this just because of the fact that it’s kind of a good-natured thing. This is called Pet Adoption Listings and it has two different ways in which you can display the listings of adoptable pets from your local pet shelter. It’s run from and it does run through an iFrame, but that’s okay. So you can embed it with the short code or you can also do it on the sidebar. Now what’s pretty cool about this is you can specify down to the breed at the shelter, so it’s got some functionality to it as well. So if you’ve got any kind of a specific breed website, this is perfect for that and I’ve seen tons and tons of pet websites out there. So this is really cool.

If you’ve even got a local business or something like that, it might be good karma to put something like this up. So check it out for yourself; it’s called Pet Adoption Listings and just for the heart factor alone so I gave this one a 10 out of 10.

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Rating: 10/10