Marcus Couch


I have been recently trying to put my resume on my website and I wanted to do it to where it wasn’t necessarily publicly accessible, but that it had a good thing that I could send to other people to take a look at my resume — just a link. I found this plugin which is called Resume Builder, and it’s a really easy way to create your resume using kind of predefined fields.
It allows you to either turn on or turn off different sections that you want to include within your resume. It works really nice. It’s kind of almost like a custom post type interface. But the nice thing about Resume Builder is it also has its own resume themes, like little child themes that work within the resume itself, so you can have various kinds of different layouts, you can put in all of your statistics and all of your experience and your work experience, education, and all that, and then try it out with a couple of different themes to make sure that it’s presented in a way that you like it. It’s a very handy, very cool, very intuitive resume builder that you can add to your site very quickly and have it fully stylized within those little child themes. It’s a nice plugin and I rated it a 8 out of 10.

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Rating: 8/10