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I’ve talked about Aesop’s Stories, as far as Parallax stuff. I talk about three clicks, a really cool Parallax theme, I’ve talked about Story FTW, which is a nice little Parallax style. I guess you could call it horizontal slide presentation style, kind of in a Parallax way. We’ve talked about Parallax gravity landing, which is a cool plugin that’s in the repository that I use the pro version for.

So naturally, I’m drawn to everything in the Parallax dimension regarding plugins and themes. This one is called Parallaxer — Parallax effect on content. This allows you to do kind of images — not necessarily backgrounds, but I would guess kind of the equivalent of what a featured image would look like, but do it in a Parallax style within a post, and squeeze it into your normal theme.
It’s really — it’s a nice, super smooth type of way to scroll through your posts, yet still give that Parallax style where it’s kind of like a cut out window, yet your images may be bigger. As they scroll, it just kind of scrolls up through the background of the image. Of all of the Parallax tools and plugins and themes this one is probably the worst that I’ve seen. It should be called “WP Headache” as that's about all this does within your posts.

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