Marcus Couch


This plugin is called Post Type Requirements Checklist. This one is awesome. It uses kind of these standards to add options for just the meta boxes that you want and require in order to have a post put out. So you can require that the thing has to have a featured image, or else it doesn’t spit it — you can’t post it. It won’t publish it. Or have content put in in a specific way if you have a custom post template say, and all of those particular fields have to be filled out if you select so, which is awesome because oftentimes I’m doing those types of things and doing importing, either from like, you know, an importer of some kind or moving different content over. And this is my failsafe now that I know that junk content or content that’s not formatted correctly never gets published without this thing going off. It’s definitely worth checking out yourself and I rated it a perfect 10.

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Rating: 10/10