Marcus Couch


I’m gonna tell you about Ultimate Member. This could be the Buddy Press killer. Here’s what it does: it provides a complete kind of both member and community kind of just like Buddy Press, BB Press. It allows front-end registration, login, editing their own profiles, you can put your own custom form fields in. Drag-n-drop form builder on that, by the way, along with conditional logic. There’s a dedicated user account page, custom user roles, searchable member directories. Going outward, custom HTML email templates that can be sent, content restriction, conditional menus even. It’s completely mobile and totally responsive in any device, SEO optimized, and completely developer-friendly, as far as theme integration.

It’s pretty cool but it ain’t Buddy Press yet.

It’s getting there and I’m telling you, there’s gonna be a social war going on in WordPress in 2015 with Triple J out there getting $50,000 to contribute to Buddy Press and BB Press and making those better, and that’s going to be his full-time gig this year, doing nothing but that. Now you’ve got Ultimate Member, which is days old and it’s poised, and it does a lot of things that Buddy Press does not do. But I rated it a 8 out of 10. Close, but no cigar.

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Rating: 8/10