Marcus Couch


PDF Embedder is here. Here’s what it lets you do. It allows you to upload PDFs and embed them straight into your WordPress installation, just like adding images. So it’s just like putting in a featured image. It’s just that easy and they’re automatically sized to the natural shape and size. They’ll just fill the width that’s whatever is available, whether you have a sidebar or a fullscreen or anything like that. Or optionally, you can set the width yourself and the height just gets constrained proportionately automatically. The nice thing is it’s also responsive, so if a user is looking at it in a different view or perspective or device, then it accommodates accordingly. So this makes it essentially like Slide Share.

This is exactly what it does. It embeds the PDF with ease. It’s a great thing for designers that have needs of your client to embed PDFs or include PDFs, and that’s anybody that’s a public company that has to put shareholder information or even menus or takeout menus for restaurants, catering menus, things like that — a lot of uses for this. It’s called PDF Embedder, and I gave it a perfect 10.

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