Marcus Couch


It’s called, CLS, it stands for Conditional Logic Design, which allows you to put control over almost everything in the back end of WordPress. Now what am I talking about, John? I’m talking about first off, groups. So you can say if this person’s an administrator, don’t do any of this stuff. If they’re a regular client, account role access, whatever, a customer, things like that, shut these things off. Now I’m gonna tell you what these things are. You could shut off feature images. You could shut off — not only just shut off, like, “Okay, only this access level can’t see the featured images thing.” Or, you know, it’s infinite as far as what you can shut down in the sidebar. You can remove plugins, you can remove anything you want as far as different options within that administrative menu so that they don’t see it whatsoever.

You could actually get down to the widget groups in different parts of the sidebar, so you could let them have access to one sidebar area where the widgets are but not the other ones, so they only have access to the good stuff. Or, you know, they don’t have access to the good stuff. And it’s a dream come true for any designer that has to deal with their clients in the back end and you really kind to want to shut them out of all the different areas that they could probably cut themselves or burn themselves on. So I gave this a perfect 10.

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