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I’m starting to find that Gravity Forms is getting a little lame as far as it’s being upgraded, all these other things happen with it. But the layout of it still has never evolved; it’s always the same. It’s always the same as far as putting your form together and adding this field and that field and having to click on the little down arrow in the window, and change it on the inside and all that. I love it for conditional logic and things like that. This is Ninja Forms and just let me give you a rundown. If you’re looking for kind of that single solution across all of your projects but you’re kind of still focused on the overall price tag of everything, Gravity Forms is probably the way to go.

But if you’re more focused on features than cost and you really want to kind of push this cost over the course of several sites or projects, then Ninja Forms is the way to go. I’m gonna talk about Ninja Forms here and some of the things that it can do. It does everything that Gravity Forms does, except I’ll just kind of give you a side-by-side comparison, since we all know what Gravity Forms is and what it can do.

It can do Aweber, Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor, as far as email integration from different providers. But it also does two other ones, which is Mad Meemie and Mail Poet, so it can do those. Can it create posts with forms submissions? Yes, and so can Gravity Forms. But you have to have an added plugin to Gravity Forms to do that. Ninja Forms, it comes out of the box. Can you create users from the forms? Yes — both Gravity and Ninja can do that. Multistep forms, multipage forms? Yes, both can do that. They can both upload files in forms.

Let’s see — let’s talk about ecommerce for a second. Collecting cash — everybody takes PayPal across the board. You can use Stripe with Gravity Forms, but you have to go buy another plugin. This one has Stripe integrated into it. It doesn’t do things like display the form entries; neither does Gravity Forms. Here’s what’s really cool: Ninja Forms allows you to pause and resume the form. So if you didn’t fill it out completely and you come back, it’s where you left it, as far as that goes. It is the best as far as styling the form that I’ve seen and it integrates with tons and tons and tons of different kinds of back end, third-party apps, additional plugins and applications, things like that. It works really well for that. So it’s in my eyes, just as good function-wise as Gravity Forms, and I think layout-wise, it’s leaps and bounds beyond it. So it’s called Ninja Forms. I highly recommend checking it out and I gave it a perfect 10.

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