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On today's Chicago Bulls Podcast: Bulls Pick up player contract options on Valentine, Markannen and Dunn, Post Game Wrap-up on the Bulls Vs Denver and a Bulls Roundtable discussion on our current progress after 8 games.
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Today we’re joined by friend of the show, Kenyatta Wright from and the Bullseye Facebook Group. We’ve featured him as a guest on an earlier earlier episode and it’s our pleasure to bring him back again for another round since the season is well under way.
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Bulls Pick up player contract options on Valentine, Markannen and Dunn
The Chicago Bulls have exercised the third-year option on Lauri Markkanen, and fourth-year options on guards Kris Dunn and Denzel Valentine. By exercising their options, all players will be under contract with the Bulls for the 2019-20 season.
Post Game reaction to Bulls Vs. Denver Nuggets:
Score: Bulls LOSE 108-107 in OT.

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Where are we after 8 Games into the Schedule? Roundtable Discussion
With 8 games in the books and the Bulls having a 2-6 record, we’re officially 10% into the season. With a continuation of this trend, we’re projected to have just 20 wins this season. Right in line with what the Las Vegas experts predicted. We all got mad about that, but as the first sets of games have shown, it’s exactly what they thought it would be despite our own higher expectations as Bulls fans. Are we setting ourselves up for disappointment as the Bulls are tanking? Was this their plan the whole time? Is this just not Fred’s plan and he should be fired? All these questions and more are being thrown on the table for this roundtable discussion.
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