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The Chicago Bulls Waive Omer Asik and sign PG Shaquille Harrison, Kris Dunn's bruised MCL, Zach comes out strong but Questions Bulls Coaching and the Post Game Wrap-up on the Bulls vs. Charlotte.
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Bulls Waive Omer Asik, Sign Shaq Harrison
The Bulls have waived health plagued Omer Asik to make room on the roster for more point guards. As it turns out, the Bulls are on the hook for at least $14 million to Asik. We acquired him in the Nikola Mirotic trade, and New Orleans absolutely got the better of that deal, as Niko is playing like an All-Star this year for the Pelicans.
After making salary room, the Bulls have brought in Shaquille Harrison who was waived from Phoenix. So now we have 2 point guards that were on the Phoenix roster last year. (Harrison and Ulis)
Last year Harrison played in 23 games averaging 6.6 PPG, 2.4 assists and 47.6% FG%. 
Zach Lavine is every bit the All-Star we thought he would be
Though the Bulls started out 0-3, it’s clear that Zach Lavine is going to be the face of the franchise this year. There’s really only one alpha, and it’s Zach.
Averaging over 30 points throughout his first 4 outings, he matched the starting performance of one other Bull has come out of the gate with 4 30 point games, Michael Jordan.
Zach raised some questions about the coaching calls
“We got to run the right sets out there. We would have run the right plays, got the ball to the right people I think we would have been alright. We were playing free (in the first half) and aggressive. We weren’t coming down and being stagnant. We weren’t calling a lot of plays” Asked how the Bulls are doing at recognizing who has the hot hand, LaVine didn’t hesitate. In fact, he repeated his answer. “I think we have to do better at it,” he said.
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Post Game reaction to Bulls Vs. Charlotte Hornets:
Score: Bulls win 112-110
Cam Payne’s Coming out party
Cam Payne is making a believer out of the Bulls Fan base, shooting 7 for 11 in threes.
Zach is out there doing Zach things. Teams are starting to double-team Lavine, but there isn’t a second option to take advantage. Luckily he’s put up 30 points a game for the last 4 games.
WCJ can’t make a free throw
Where is Bobby Portis? Better yet, where’s Robin Lopez?
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