Marcus Couch


I don’t know about you but I’m kind of tired of the admin area — the dashboard. It’s kind of plain and boring. And in 10 years it’s evolved but not too much, and there’s really only a few things that you can do to customize the back end. Not anymore! Now there’s Admin Rocket. It allows you to customize your WordPress back end with custom themes, custom admin dashboard widgets, and change all of your own CSS settings, too. It does things like allow you to change the logo, the background, any colors — you can make it a rainbow if you want to. This widget’s this color, this widget’s another color. You can change the appearance and button positions of the menu. You can move the menu over to the right side if you want to. You can change the color of the admin bar. You can change the footer and the fonts and all that stuff within the back end area. You can redesign the login area — the WP-admin area as well. You can add media library stuff, PDFs, and you can also add Excel sheets and Word files and stuff like that to it. It has some cool posts listing image in it as well. If you have multiple authors on the site, it shows their gravitar and then right next to it a graph, as far as how many posts that they’ve made in that particular timeframe, so you can see kind of who’s winning amongst all of your authors.

I thought that this was a really great plugin. Sort of tough to use when you first get started, so it’s not for everybody but then again, I don’t think the novice would be tinkering around with changing the admin area in the back anyway. The one really cool feature that I thought about this, is in addition to all that stuff, you can import and export your settings so that you can load it up on a second website and it sets in there exactly as you had it at first.

It’s an awesome plugin. I like it a lot. I’ll probably be using this one on a few different installations that I have. But because of the fact that it’s a little outside the ordinary and not everybody here will be able to use it, I rated it a perfect 10.

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Rating: 10/10