Marcus Couch


I’m dealing with a client website and you do a simulated crawl and you find out that there are double the pages listed on there that you thought, and the reason is because you’re getting the http version and also the https version, if they have an SSL certificate. So what that is is you’re creating duplicate content for your website, basically yourself — you’re creating two versions, which dilutes the overall SEO value of whatever you wanted as the main page, because you’ve got two different versions. What this does is it redirects all your traffic. This plugin is called WP Force SSL. It lets you redirect all traffic from http to the more secure https on all of the pages of your website. If you have a SSL certificate, basically what this does is it forces WordPress to use the secure version over the unsecure version. Very handy, very easily turned on, and it can save you hours and hours of headache. I rated it 8 out of 10.

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Rating: 8/10