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On this episode, Marcus Couch and I are joined by Morten Rand-Hendriksen to discuss his WordPress Telemetry proposal. We discuss the potential benefits of having an opt-in usage data collection system that could help core developers and others make informed decisions. Rand-Hendriksen also shares what he’s learned from teaching WordPress at, on how difficult it is for new users to grasp WordPress.

Stories Discussed:

BlogVault Security Breach Infects Customers’ Sites With Malware
WordPress REST API Vulnerability is Being Actively Exploited, Hundreds of Thousands of Sites Defaced
WP Super Cache 1.4.9 Patches Multiple XSS Vulnerabilities

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

Content Locker is a tool that allows you to configure content to be behind a paywall. Visitors can pay for content by liking, sharing, or registering an account.

WP Jump allows you to bookmark your site in the admin bar. This plugin is useful if you have several, local or online, WordPress installations.

Sidebar Content Clone is a handy solution for easily duplicating or cloning all widgets from one sidebar to another sidebar. It can also clear all widgets from a sidebar with a single click.

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