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In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I are joined by Chip Bennett, Jose Castaneda, Tammie Lister, and Edward Cassie who are members of the WordPress Theme Review Team. We learn why the team exists, its goals, and what the process is for getting a theme into the official directory.

The team clarified the difference between requirements and guidelines. We discuss the results of three separate surveys that indicate users want to see improvements to the way theme demo content is displayed. Last but not least, we learn how you can get involved with the team.

Stories Discussed:

The WordPress Community (A Comedy of Drama, Ego, Oligarchies, and More)

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

Plugin Grouper allows users to group plugins together to make them easier to manage.

WordPress Import YouTube Liked Videos helps users connect to their YouTube account and import their recently liked videos.

Author Chat is an internal chat system that lets your authors or users with access to the dashboard chat with each other.

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Next Episode: Wednesday, June 8th 9:30 P.M. Eastern

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