Marcus Couch


This plugin is called Performance Tester, and what it does is it helps you to analyze your homepage and give you a couple of different metrics. Things like how large is the load — how long is the load time, how big is the page as far as size. Are you rocking a 3-meg homepage here? This one gives you pretty good results and it lets you compare over time, really clear interface, kind of a cool little pie graph or circle graph, I guess you could say. It gives you analysis as far as where your website is supposed to be in relation to other websites out there. It’s sort of a comparison thing. It’s called Performance Tester — really great little thing to use if you’ve got clients, if you want to give them something in their monthly report, do a quick screenshot and include that within it. It’s really nice and I rated it a 8 out of 10.

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Rating: 8/10