Marcus Couch


For a long time I've gone with the same website. It's been the typical ongoing fable of the cobbler having no shoes. I'm happy to say that I've finally gotten my online act together in terms of my personal page. The basic pages are complete, but I want to do a lot more with the back end functionality of how things are working.

Auto-Social Posting
I am trying to find the best solution for taking the new content that I post and automatically cross-posting to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social outlets. Lots more work has to go into this than just a featured image and some text. I want to be able to use videos, audio recordings, images and text. When I post that media to my site, I also want it to be available down the social chain. I may have to find plugins to do this or I may have to create a custom solution of my own. Either way, this is at the top of my needs list for this site.

Posting with my Phone
I want to be able to post solely from my iPhone, iPad or any other device that I use. This isn't without its difficulties. Trying to find the best mobile administrative solution will take some time. I've tried the WordPress mobile app with mixed results.

Auto-Posting all my podcasts
Another item for my site that I need is to have the site automatically pull and replicate all of the podcasts that I am on regularly. This will include copying the body text and mp3 details. It's something I've been attempting for a while, but I think I finally have it figured out.

Stay tuned as I finally get my personal website up and running the way I've always wanted it.