Marcus Couch


I want to talk about a plugin called Mango Buttons, and it is a button creator for WordPress. I’ve been really into a bunch of different button creators lately. This is one that’s no exception as far as how cool it is. It basically has an interface right within the Wizzy Wig editor. You just click on it and it pulls up an interface. It says what kind or style of button would you like, and there are a number of different shapes and colors and things like that. But you can use the color editor to pick your own custom color and a custom hover color over it as well. It also gives you the option to add in before the text a number of different icons that you can choose. I like to look at these as wingdings (remember those?). It’s very intuitive, very easy to create excellent looking buttons. I don’t think you’re ever going to have to go into Photoshop and make a button again. This does it all within the existing CSS or you can insert your own style sheets to match your particular theme. It is called Mango Buttons and I gave it a perfect 10.

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Rating: 10/10