Marcus Couch


I've been closely following a case currently in court involving the estate of a deceased YouTuber vs Beyonce. Apparently she ripped off about 30 seconds of a YouTube video and used it on her music video and during live performances. They don't dispute ripping it off. They are claiming fair use. Fair Use = They don't have to pay or even get the rights to use it.

Try using 10 second of a Beyonce song in your podcast intro, or in a video that you upload to YouTube. I'm guessing that if by some miracle you get the video past the robot copyright police scanners, the record company is sure to demand a takedown notice.

Not long ago I was at a Tony Robbins event in Los Angeles and tried to upload a video of the crowd going crazy. Facebook DELETED my uploaded video because of copyright issues of the song. Interesting double standard. Check out the original article below for all the details on the lawsuit. It's unbelievable.

Beyonce cites fair use in video clip sample case