Marcus Couch


It’s brand new, called GTH Simple Short Codes. This plugin gives you fast access to some of the most popular template mods that you can use right in your WordPress editor without knowing anything about templates, themes, PHP — any of that stuff.

What do I mean by that? Well here it is: if you want it to do something like the post’s title, right? Just insert the post title somewhere within the post. That’s GTHSS_pagetitle, right? If you want it to display the current user that’s logged in, instead of guest, you could do _username or _displayname, as far as their real name.

If you wanted — now this is where I like it — it displays the current year and month, so I have something that I have to go and update every single month when it’s a new month, and it’s content — it’s actually listing coupons and it’s saying that it’s current for that particular month.

Now that helps out for search engine optimization because people are typically looking for the most current ones, so they’ll put the month and year in, so I want it to have that functionality. But I always — always — have to go and update it manually. Now I only have to update it one place, because I’m using the My Short Codes, which I gave a 5 out of 5 on a previous show. But now this way, I don’t ever have to do it again. So it is called GTH Simple Short Codes. It does a lot of the cool things that you would expect to build within a theme, but now you have the power to do that within a post, and I rated it a perfect 10.

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Rating: 10/10