Marcus Couch


There are two kinds of goals. We set goals every year about this time. Symbolic gestures of the New Year give us pause so we can reflect on the year that was, and what is to be. But again, there are TWO kinds of goals, and you need to be careful who you share them with. The first is a pretty measurable milestone. It's the “Give Up” Goal. I'm going to quit smoking or I'm going to stop eating so many snacks. That kind of goal is one that you want to share with everyone. The encouragement of those around you will help you to fulfill those urges that makes you want to revert back into your old habits. You know, the one's you're trying to give up? Really there's only one way people can go with your goal in this manner, but there are people who might use it as leverage against you if you start to fail. Don't give them the satisfaction. Then you've got the big one, the one that almost everyone fails at. The GET UP goal. This kind of goal is where you get up in your positioning, get ahead in life and move beyond the stagnation of 99% of others out there. A Get Up goal is one that you only want to share with those who are extremely close and extremely supportive of you. Especially online. There are a lot of people out there that do nothing but troll off the misfortune and failures of others. Even in your own family. Share your success, but keep your struggles to your own journal. Track your goals in small milestones and work in “buckets”, which we will talk more on later. Until tomorrow, hope everyone had a Happy New Year. Day One is already in the books. It's what you do on day two that matters.