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We’ve got a lot in store for you this episode. Including:

New NBA rules are coming, like The new 14 second shot clock and how they call flagrant fouls. We’ll share that and our opinion on how it will change the game.
Zach Lavine on bleacher report article as one of the most overhyped players.
Gar’s Greatest: The game – A new segment to the show
Can Lauri Markannen’s game take another step next season with the addition of JP and a healthy Zach Lavine?
Bulls Roundtable – 1 thing that needs to improve from game 1
More trades to think about with the ESPN Trade Machine

New NBA Rule Changes Proposed

14 Second clock following an offensive rebound (rather than 24 sec reset). This will supposedly speed up the game, but will it really?

Another rule change being considered is simplifying the clear-path foul, which currently lists five bullet points, including when the ball and an offensive player are positioned between the tip-off circle extended and the basket, when there is no defender between the ball and the basket and when the foul denied an offensive team a chance to score.

The hostile-act rule being considered is when one player “intentionally or recklessly harms or attempts to harm” another player by attempting to punch, kick, elbow or hit the opponent in the head. Officials determine if the offending player is assessed a Flagrant-1 or 2 foul that can lead to ejection from a game and/or suspension.

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Zach Lavine on bleacher report article as one of the most overhyped players. Seafood restaurants agree.
The Chicago Bulls are in a strange place. We’re entering the second year of the rebuild and that means expectations are all over the board. Some people expect them to be even worse this year and some people think they can make a run at the playoffs.
While team expectations remain scattered, the individual expectations are a bit more solid when it comes to the Bulls.
Wendell Carter Jr has instilled confidence in the fans, as has Lauri Markkanen. But what has us all scratching our heads is the expectations for Zach Lavine. Coming in this summer with a new 4 year 78 million dollar deal, the Bulls have thrown half their chip stack on red, and the wheel is still in mid-spin as far as the fans are concerned. Is he over-hyped coming into this season?
Bleacher report recently stated: “The real problem is that even if LaVine reaches his apex as an offensive weapon, there’s little reason to believe he’ll be a net-positive player. That’s because he’s one of the worst defenders in the NBA. According to Basketball Reference, he’s never posted a defensive box plus-minus in positive territory.