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It’s the Bulls Podcast #44 hosted by Marcus Couch and Wyse Black. We’re covering the Bulls wild week, Goodbye to PA Legend Tommy Edwards, Why Boylen Can’t Coach, Valentine and Gafford to the G-League with Bol Bol and Predictions for the upcoming week.  
Welcome to the Bulls Podcast, coming to you from This is where we bring you the latest news, reviews, rants, rumors and opinions on the players, coaches and front office of the Chicago Bulls.
We’ve got several topics for this episode. Including:

Bulls Say Goodbye to Tommy Edwards
Does Coach Boylen Care?
Valentine and Gafford Head to the G League to join Bol Bol.
Game predictions for the coming week

In celebration of Bulls Podcast Episode #44, we celebrate the number #44 throughout Bulls History
Paul Ruffner 1971, Tom Kropp 1977, Andre Wakefield 1979, Quintin Dailey 1983-1986, Corie Blount 1994-1995, Mario Bennett 1999, Dalibor Bagarić 2001-2002, Trenton Hassell 2003, Adrian Griffin 2005-2008,  Brandon Sampson 2019 and the most prominent in our hearts and minds is #44, Nikola Mirotic. He was the three point sensation that never was. We heralded his arrival in Chicago as the second coming of Ray Allen. Unfortunately he played with the court vision of Ray Charles instead.
Niko is out of the NBA now, making headlines this past offseason season by turning down over 30 Million to instead return to Europe and be done with the league forever. 
Tommy Edwards Steps Down as Bulls PA Announcer and calls it a Career
A number of generations of fans have had the opportunity to hear his voice during games at the Chicago Stadium and the United Center. But after three different stints with the team, Tommy Edwards has decided to step away from the mic.
The public address announcer said on Thursday that this coming Saturday’s Bulls game against the Rockets will be his final at the United Center, deciding to retire after 25 years of work for the team.
“My time with the Bulls has been a dream come true, and I feel so fortunate to have spent a total of 25 seasons with this iconic franchise,” said Edwards in a statement released by the team.  “I want to extend my sincere thanks to Jerry and Michael Reinsdorf, the entire Bulls organization and the world’s greatest fans for their unwavering support. I will forever be a Bulls fan.”
Edwards was behind the mic for games at Chicago Stadium from 1976-1981 and then again from 1983-1990. Sixteen years later, Edwards returned to the team to be the PA for games at the United Center and continuing in that role for 13 years.
In total, Edwards was behind the mic for over 1,000 games.
Now secretly, and not so secretly if you follow me on social, I want RAY CLAY to resume his former role as the Bulls PA Announcer. For those of you new to the show that don’t know who Ray Clay is, Let me refresh Your Memory..

Beyond being the voice of the Bulls throughout the Jordan Championship years, he’s also the guy you hear at the beginning and end of The Bulls Podcast. He was gracious enough to do that intro for us and we are keeping it forever. So if you’re on social, Tweet, IG, whatever.. Tell the Bull that you want Ray Clay to come back. We need that energy again. Energize the fans and the fans energize the players. It’s all full circle.
State of The Bulls: Coach Boylen Doesn’t Care
When we started the year. Things were looking really great for the team. It seemed like we had all of the pieces to do a substantial run into the playoffs this year. That was the goal that Gar/Pax, Coach Jim Boylen and the rest of the team repeated over and over. “Our Goal is to make the playoffs this year and we think we can do it..”
Well, things haven’t worked out so far this year. The excuse that Boylen doesn’t have all of his players healthy at the same time, is not the case this year.