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It's the Chicago Bulls Podcast #34 and we've got an NBA Draft Lottery Preview, Our Picks to Replace Robin Lopez, Jim Boylen signs an extension, but is he really our best option? and Our NBA Playoff Picks and Playoff Lessons We've Learned so far.
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We’ve got a lot in store for you this episode. Including:

NBA Lottery Preview
Who will replace Robin Lopez? Our Picks
Jim Boylen signs an extension, but is he really our best option?
NBA Playoff Picks and Playoff Lessons Learned so far.

Come TANK with us!
This was a very prominent week in Chicago Bulls History

* 30 years ago, Michael Jordan hit “The Shot” over Craig Ehlo in Cleveland.
* 25 years ago this week, Pippen Sits Down as Kukoc Stands Tall in Game 3, 1994 Eastern Conference Semifinals
* 8 Years ago this week, Taj Gibson Dunks on Wade in Game 1, 2011 Eastern Conference Finals
After this dunk Taj Gibson was trending worldwide on Twitter, and with good reason. Gibson went up, over and through Dwyane Wade in what was the rudest dunk of 2011
* 8 Years ago this week, Derrick Rose was named as the youngest MVP in NBA history.

In celebration of episode #34, there are many Bulls players that have worn #34.
Charles Oakley, Stacey King, Bill Wennington, Mike Dunleavy and Wendell Carter Jr.
We’re less than a week away from the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery. There are a lot of scenarios that can take place once the ping pong balls start flying on Tuesday May 14th. Ideally we want either the #1 or #2 pick to validate the reason behind our tanking efforts over the season. Horace Grant will be the Bulls representative in the 2019 NBA Lottery.
Let’s go over some of the scenarios that could happen, depending on if the ball bounces our way in the early selections of the draft.
Getting the #1 Overall Pick
Obviously this would be the ideal goal that would make tanking the last 3 seasons pay off. Getting the #1 pick would bring Zion Williamson to the Bulls, immediately changing the franchise. Getting Zion would elevate the Bulls to an immediate contender and probably propel the Bulls to return to the national spotlight when it comes to national TV schedules for years to come.
There is also the option that the Bulls would be able to trade DOWN to the #2 pick and deal away Zion for a prominent Veteran in exchange for the #2 pick and hopefully someone to take Felicio off our books to boot.
Getting the #2 Overall Pick
If the Bulls end up with the #2 pick, we would have the self-proclaimed “Point God” Ja Morant on the roster, fulfilling our desperate need for a quality point guard that can both score and dish out dimes at will.
Getting Picks 3-4
Here’s where it gets interesting. If we get the #3 pick, there is still an opportunity to get Ja Morant, depending on what teams get in with the first two picks. There is an off-chance that Morant would still be on the board if RJ Barrett fits the need of whoever gets the #2 pick.
If we get the #4 pick, it’s likely that we will pick up Jarrett Culver, the Shooting Guard from Texas Tech. Culver averaged 20.5 PTS, 7.1 REB, 4.1 AST, 0.6 BLK and 0.6 steals in his sophomore season.
Dropping in the Lottery (Pick #5 and lower)
If the Bulls fall to #5, it’s likely that we’ll grab either Cam Reddish, Small Forward from Duke, or Darius Garland, the Point Guard from Vanderbilt.
Anything past the #5 pick should be considered a trade piece. There are no more significant Point Guards worth noting beyond the #5 pick. The only other option that might be around in picks 5 or 6 would be De'Andre Hunter, small forward from Virginia or Coby White,