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It's episode #10 and we've got our Bulls Media Day Summary, a Preview of Pre-Season: What to Look for, Make it or Break it season for a number of players on the roster, the Latest developments with Jimmy Butler and Minnesota and iTunes reviews from you, the listener.
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Introducing Edward Shuler
We’d like to welcome this week’s special guest. He’s the host of the Bulls Gold podcast, Edward Shuler. Like us, his show is relatively new with 13 episodes released, so it’s one that you want to pay attention to and make it a habit to listen to every week. Edward and his co-host Salim Suterwalla focus on the past, present, and future of the iconic Chicago Bulls franchise with weekly discussion, game recaps, and segments.
We’ve got a lot in store for you this episode. Including:

Bulls Media Day Summary
Preview of Pre-Season: What to Look for
Make it or Break it season for a number of players on the roster. We’ll discuss who we feel may be on the bubble early in the season.
Latest developments with Jimmy Butler and Minnesota
iTunes reviews from you, the listener

Media day began with John Paxson giving an assessment of the summer and the season to come. “I said earlier this summer after we went to the draft and through free agency that we were pleased in terms of where we are in the rebuild,” said Bulls Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations John Paxson. “With that said, we also understand that we have a lot of work to do. There is an excitement with the group. (But) you're not going to hear us talk about wins or anything like that; the expectations for us are to see this team come together. Our goal is to be the best basketball team we can be, and that's through this group coming together. We have talent, I believe that, and how it comes together, how we play, will determine what kind of win total we end up with, but we're not going to focus on that.'
When asked about the Jimmy Butler / Minnesota debacle, John Paxson politely said it was not their concern. They are concerned about the Bulls, not the Timberwolves drama. When pressed on the issue, they weren’t about to take the bait, even when they are very close to claiming a major victory with the deal.
“It’s never about vindication,” said Paxson when asked about the Butler trade. “We did exactly what we thought was the right thing for the organization last year to rebuild. We walked out that night and we were comfortable then and we’re comfortable now.”
The Bobby Portis contract extension is active in talks with Bobby’s agent and they hope to get it wrapped up soon. This is great news for Bulls fans if the deal can get done. According to general manager Gar Forman, the Bulls and Portis’ representatives are working on an extension as he moves off his rookie contract.
Gar Forman on the Bobby Portis contract situation: ‘‘We’ll continue those conversations up until the deadline,’’ Forman said. ‘‘We value Bobby. We look at Bobby as part of our core. He has continued to improve each year. All of us up here love the energy he plays with, the work ethic he has, what he brings to the practice floor and game floor. That’s why we’ve been having conversations.’’
Coach Fred Hoiberg
Fred was relieved that they were 2 deep in every player position and that training camp would be “ultra competitive” for every starting spot on the roster. “Every position is open at this point”
Coach Hoiberg admitted his players already are starting to get tired of hearing about how suspect they are defensively. ‘‘I think that you certainly hear it,’’ Hoiberg said. ‘‘It’s hard in this era when things are said to not hear it.