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Hello Bulls Nation! and Welcome to the Bulls Podcast, the official podcast for Chicago Bulls fans. This is where we’ll be bringing you the latest news, reviews, rants and opinions on the players, coaches and front office of the Chicago Bulls.
Intro to your hosts, Marcus Couch and Wyse Black
This is the first episode. We are going to ramp up the show production as we go on. Expect a nicely finished package by the time pre-season starts. In addition to the podcast, we’re going to feature even better ways to get closer to our listeners and those in Bulls Nation. We’re planning on doing a number of things throughout the season, including online game watching parties where you can watch the game along with us and make comments and reactions. We’re also planning live post-game reactions and game analysis via Facebook Live video, and a lot of other cool things to interact with YOU, the Chicago Bulls FAN.
Stories Discussed:
Bulls Draft Picks
Wendell Carter Jr. (Duke)
Chandler Hutchison (Boise State) (HUTCH IS ON)
Picks that never happened
Michael Porter Jr. hype. Second back surgery just happened. Thank you GarPax!
Trading up? What would have we traded for?
Summer League Discussion
Wendell Carter Jr: He was one of the stars of the Summer League, something of a surprise as the No. 7 overall draft pick. He impressed team officials and scouts league-wide with his sophisticated play while still a teenager, his toughness and defensive instincts. ESPN commentators raved about his play. He averaged 15 points, 9.4 rebounds and almost three blocks per game. That soul-stealing two-handed block he had was something we haven’t seen from a Bulls player in at least 20 years.
Chandler Hutchison: He improved as the week went on, averaging 11 points and seven rebounds. He was hesitant at times to shoot. He did show nice passing and rebounding instincts and when he had the ball on the fast break was impressive gaining ground. He had difficulty finishing and often didn’t go to the basket strong.
Antonio Blakeney: The star of the team, Blakeney averaged a team-best 21 points per game. He continued to show an impressive ability to get off shots and score, though often he isn’t efficient. He’s improved his passing but doesn’t move much once he passes. I think the front office was pretty impressed and rewarded him with a new deal, which we’ll talk about in just a minute.
Overall Impressions of Summer League
Free Agent Signings
Bulls – Zach Lavine
4 Year $78 Million Deal, matching the offer sheet from the Sacramento Kings.
Vincent Goodwill did a great 1 on 1 interview with Zach Lavine and he revealed quite a bit, including the fact that he wants to be the one to lead the Bulls back to a championship. He wants to be the guy. In his words, he wants to be great. An excerpt of Vincent Goodwell’s Zach Lavine interview on NBC Sports Chicago.
Bulls – Jabari Parker
Coming back from two torn ACLs, Jabari suffered from the rise of Yannis in Milwaukee.
Moving over to the 3 for the Bulls. Can he make the switch back to his college days?
Derrick Rose is a legend! Jabari isn’t having any reporter disrespect for D.Rose.
Players don’t get paid to play defense [Clip]
Bulls – Antonio Blakeney
AB gets a 2 year minimum contract with the Bulls. This after KD himself tweeted that there is no reason for AB to be on a two-way deal.
Bulls – Antonius Cleveland (Atlanta) claimed off waivers
He’s played for several teams including Golden State, Dallas and Atlanta. Not much action seen in the NBA so far. He’s been played mostly in garbage time at the end of the game, but he’s SUPER athletic shooting guard.
Bulls – Rawle Alkins (Arizona)
Rawle Alkins and Lauri Markkanen played 37 games together at Arizona during the 2016-17 college season.