Marcus Couch


So I started installing my new blog site and templates on my domain namesake at today. In the process I found out just how connected things can get. Before I knew it, posts were being pulled from my podcast page, my twitter updates, etc, and then being re-twittered through every service I'm involved in. (Sorry about that if you got captured in the datastream).

I'm learning to get everything connected so that no matter what I;m doing, updating this site  is the first stop/upload, and then it filters out from there. There are a lot of things in the works that I'm not going to talk about just yet, but I am working my tail off on them in order to get some new projects off the ground. I know there are people out there who follow me through my music show. There are others who know me in the internet marketing community. Some people will probably come to this page years from now, and know me for something that I haven't even done yet.

In that instance, it's nice to be here. Thanks for stopping over.