Marcus Couch


Being in the Internet marketing field is an uphill battle most of the time. We're always fighting with others in the Google sandbox, vying for position and rank. When we're up, our mood soon follows. When we disappear off page one, it seems like an old friend has just up and left us. It's rare that there is an in-between moment.

gooRecently I've seen a few of my side projects get dumped by Google. No dear John letter, no break-up Twitter, just vanished in thin air. At the same time there are blogs I own that have one post in the last year that ranks in the top 10 consistently depending on the term variant. I just can't figure it out sometimes and I am working to improve my scope of awareness.

I have also noticed a lot of my friends are writing books and claiming to be Internet Marketing specialists. People who I know are no match for the skills that I have been using for a number of years. What are they doing that I am not? Well, tooting their own horns mostly. And that's something that I have to get better at. Everyone I talk to “outside the sphere” in the real world is blown away by the things I tell them regarding online marketing. I think I need to do more of that kind of thing, more often. Especially now. If I have the ability to teach someone a skill that can make them money, it might be all the difference in the world in that person's life. From making their rent payment to getting food on the table for their kids. I owe it to the struggling people out there to get this message out.

So as I look myself in the mirror and wonder out loud, I think to myself.. Am I a Guru, or just plain Goo? Am I the kind of person that I was as a teenager? One who was eager to show off the technology and all the benefits around it, or am I merely the adhesive that binds one product to one person? Hard to say, but I know what direction I'd like to take. It's up to me to do it and up to you to egg me on along the way. For me to grow as a person, I need to learn to help others grow first. Sounds weird, but hopefully it all starts to make sense soon.