Marcus Couch


Why are people buying these pieces of technology without understanding the basic nature of what they do? While it's cute to have the toddler conversing with a “robot”, it shows just how far off we are from actual artificial intelligence from happening. The technology doesn't take a moment to analyze and realize that it really doesn't understand you. It just makes a guess and hits the search button, then reads you the results. Why would you allow a kid to have that kind of unfiltered access to everything that looms on the internet? You wouldn't give them a laptop and tell them to go to whatever site they wanted. Or would you?

I'm sure there are a majority of parents out there that allow their young children unrestricted access, themselves not knowing even how to filter the results of what their kids see.

Be wary of these devices. Does it REALLY save that much time over manually searching? Is it really that entertaining? My advice is to wait a few more years to see if this trend even takes hold. By then the technology itself should be a whole lot better in relation to filtering ability to restrict what your kids can do, see and hear.