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It's episode 144 and we've got plugins for inline content enhancement, Anti-Ad Blockers, Gravity Forms Images, Inline Dropbox content, and a way to create your own name generator using WordPress. All coming up on WordPress Plugins A-Z!

BAN – Blocked Ads Notifier Lite 1.0

  • Version: 1.0

  • Author: Plugarized

  • Last Updated: 1 week ago

  • Requires WordPress Version: 3.5 or higher

  • Compatible up to: 3.6.1

  • Downloaded: 121 times

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The Lowdown:

So the worst thing about placing ads on your site is that many people out there use adblockers in their  browsers and you may not even know it. So the ads you place are pretty useless at that point. What this plugin does is detect if your visitor is blocking ads and if so in the blank space left by the ad blocker you get to place a custom message like “hey these ads don't pay much but every penny helps please unblock them” If you get the premium version you can also have some stats  on the visitors.

Rating 3 Dragons

WP Table Lookup 1.0.0

  • Version: 1.0.0

  • Author: Chiranjit Makur

  • Last Updated: 2 weeks ago

  • Requires WordPress Version: 3.2 or higher

  • Compatible up to: 3.6.1

  • Downloaded: 55 times

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The Lowdown:

Well this one is for one of the folk who attended my presentation last night in Victoria. I was asked about a want to get to the database from the WordPress backend. This plugin let you get in and see the table structure, the fields and values and to run custom sql queries on the table..

Rating 3 Dragons

Gravity Forms Image in HTML 1.0

The Lowdown:

This is an addon plugin for Gravity forms mention many times on this show. It allows you to easily add an image to your forms html field. The use for this is when you are creating something custom using the html field in Gravity Forms you can add images with a simple button click instead of having to manually upload and create tags useful for custom areas of the forms.

Rating 4 out of 5

Content Enhancer

Using this plugin, you can specify pre-defined HTML code to be displayed at the top and bottom of all your posts, saving you valuable time. Merge fields let you pre-define HTML/Javascript that you can use anywhere in your post. For example, using [my_twitter] you can include an HTML link to your twitter account, anywhere in your WordPress post.

It is nice that this plugin combined two different functionalitites, both merge and header/footer of content boiler plate.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Name Generator

Create fun random Name Generators for your WordPress website. That’s right, you get to create your own name types, like superhero names, or any kind of nickname combo. It’s actually pretty fun and could bring in some good site traffic with the right domain name and name niche.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Mytory Markdown

This plugin allows you to truly add Dropbox files and links to your posts. It does this by getting the markdown file path on dropbox public links, converts the markdown to html, and adds it to the content. It’s a lot more complex than just adding the public link.

Best of all you can edit the files on your local computer and the links remain the same. There are other dropbox plugins out there but this is the first one I’ve seen break down the walls of what can be embedded within WordPress.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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