Marcus Couch


I’m pleased to bring the first episode of our new weekly podcast called “Industry Night“. The show is an up-close interview with the creators and developers of the newest and most popular plugins that are used today. I wanted to create a show where the listener felt like they were literally in the tavern, sitting at the table with me while I spoke to an industry professional. With a few minor audio hiccups due to Skype, I believe it has been accomplished.

For a bit of background, “Industry Night” is typically a promotion run by bars and nightclubs that invites other bar industry workers to party on their day off. Most commonly this is done on Tuesdays. With this in mind, the show will be published every Tuesday night.


CircuPressToday I’m happy to bring you along in my conversation with Doug Karr of CircuPress. Doug is also the founder of the Marketing Tech Blog.  The CircuPress plugin is one of the first of its kind to allow administrators the power to completely manage their email campaigns from within WordPress. You can manage your subscribers and send can-spam compliant emails directly from your WordPress administrative panel.

CircuPress StatsCircuPress allows you to design a template that can be used to send newsletters when you have new content. Unlike the clumsy interface from most email service providers, you can create your entire template directly within WordPress. That includes shortcodes, existing featured images, etc. This translates into having to create your content just one time rather than having to reconstruct a nearly identical piece of content for the newsletter.



CircuPress Email Marketing features:

  • Subscriber Management
  • Email Editor
  • Campaign Reporting
  • Subscriber Import
  • Bounce Management
  • Click Tracking
  • Sign-Up Widget
  • Scheduled Daily Digest
  • Scheduled Weekly Digest
  • Advanced Template Access
  • Helpdesk
  • Email Support
  • Deliverability

Though this is a paid service, there is a 30 day free trial available that does not require a credit card for enrollment. The paid service starts at just $4.95 a month. At the entry-level, it’s more than enough firepower to compete with bigger services like Constant Contact, Aweber, etc. I really like the fact that no user data is ever retained on the CircuPress servers when sending through their API. All in all, I love where this plugin and service are going. Full WordPress administration for third-party services is becoming a welcome trend in the user community. With more and more online service providers embracing WordPress, the future looks very bright!

Join me in my conversation with @DouglasKarr here at the Tavern for our first installment of Industry Night!