Marcus Couch

Never Count Yourself Out

Don't Count Yourself Out

Never count yourself out. No matter how hard you get hit. No matter how hard you hit the canvas. As long as there’s still time on the clock, you can win. Here’s proof.

WordPress.TV Interview – Jeff Chandler & Marcus Couch

I had a blast with John Parkinson and Jeff Chandler as we did a fun and fact-filled interview session. This is the first time that Jeff and I were both on a show as the guests being interviewed rather than the norm of Jeff and I always doing the interviewing of guests.

AI has a long way to go. Just watch this.

Why are people buying these pieces of technology without understanding the basic nature of what they do? While it’s cute to have the toddler conversing with a “robot”, it shows just how far off we are from actual artificial intelligence from happening. The technology doesn’t take a moment to analyze and realize that it really […]

State of The Word 2015 Recap

This year we have a lot to talk about regarding Matt Mullenweg’s annual State of The Word. Many different topics were covered, including the upcoming release of WordPress 4.4. This year WordCamp US was hosted in Philadelphia, PA. Matt had a lot to say, and I’ll be digesting the video a few times before I […]