Marcus Couch


WP Voice Recorder is used to record a post on the back end within the post editor. On the sidebar of the post editor, there’s a little recorder. What it lets you do is click the record button, record whatever you want, and then it saves that audio not on your server, but in a Dropbox account. Then it also adds a player into that post that you can play that voice memo.

You just set up your Dropbox account token so that you can save it right to your Dropbox, and that’s it. So you have a back-end thing where you can not only — here’s where I think the usage could come from: you could narrate your blog post. You could also make additions on it, or you could just use the unabridged rant version of whatever it is that you’re talking about, or there might be some secret content that maybe you can hide that within a membership thing and then be able to just play that audio file with that special notation from you. Only for the members, or only for specific teams, or sales teams, or things like that. There are a lot of possibilities with this but I was fascinated with the way that it’s kind of like the back-end Speakpipe for bloggers.

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