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In this episode, Marcus Couch and I are joined by Matt Medeiros, co-founder of Slocum Studio. Medeiros developed Conductor, a WordPress plugin that enables people to display content in blocks, similar to the approach that WordPress core is taking. He shares his thoughts and opinions on core’s approach and how it might impact the content builder market.

Since Medeiros co-founded Slocum Studio with his father, Mark Medeiros, we discover what it’s like to operate a web development agency with a family dynamic. Last but not least, he shares his experience in the commercial theme market and gives us a first-hand account of what it was like to go through the theme review process. Based on the experience, Medeiros says he will not submit new themes to the directory.

Stories Discussed:

NextGEN Gallery Patches Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability
Amazon S3 Outage Hits WordPress Businesses, Disrupting Services and Support
Freemius Launches Insights for WordPress Themes

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

WooCommerce Simple Ads Server lets you create ads and campaigns for selling your own WooCommerce products on other websites. It lists all of your WooCommerce products on the back-end with options to create and assign banners for each product. It also provides all the scripts and embed codes necessary for your banners.

WP Keyword Monitor uses the official API from Google to track your organic keyword rankings. You can track up to 100 keywords per day. This plugin provides full reports and displays a running graph of your rankings and statistics over time.

Private Uploads protects sensitive uploaded files so that only logged-in users can access them. This plugin moves your designated private files to a separate folder and configures the web server to ask WordPress to authenticate access to files in that folder. It’s more efficient than similar plugins because it only rubs when serving files in the private folders.

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