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In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch recaps his trip to Affiliate Summit 2017 held in Las Vegas, Nevada last weekend. Based on the vendors that were on the expo floor, mobile is the e-commerce platform of the future. We discuss the news of the week and share how you can get involved in the WordPress Marketing Group. We end the show with Marcus’ plugin picks of the week.

Stories Discussed:

Aaron D. Campbell Replaces Nikolay Bachiyski as WordPress’ Security Czar
Postmatic Basic Rebrands as Replyable, Moves Two-Way Email Commenting to SaaS Product
SiteGround Auto-Issues Let’s Encrypt Certificates for New Domains

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

Background Image Cropper adds cropping to background images for parity with header images. This feature is starting out as a plugin to gauge user interest and to determine if it improves the user experience of background images.

Woo Product Remover allows you to remove all WooCommerce products from your site. It removes products, their metadata, relationships, as well as product variations and their related meta data from the database.

WP Tasks After Install completes a series of tasks most commonly performed after WordPress is installed. These tasks include, removing the default Hello World post, setting permalinks to %postname%, activating Akismet, and more. The plugin will automatically deactivate itself when the tasks are completed.

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