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In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I discuss some of the major headlines of the past two weeks. We talk about the unprecedented move by the Theme Review Team to suspend Zerif Lite from the theme directory leaving 300K users without a way to get updates. We share what’s new in Edit Flow 0.8.2 and the troubles users are encountering upgrading W3 Total Cache to 0.9.5.

At the end of the news segment, I took some time to describe some of the process behind my coverage of Headway Themes. I share a few of my opinions on the matter and reinforced how important it is for companies to communicate. We ended the show with Marcus’ plugin picks of the week.

Stories Discussed:

Zerif Lite Suspended from WordPress Theme Directory, 300K Users Left Without Updates
How to Continue Using Zerif Lite + Receive Updates for Your Theme
Kinsta to Award $1,500 Travel Scholarship for WordCamp US
Edit Flow 0.8.2 Released, Fixes a Number of Bugs
W3 Total Cache 0.9.5 Packages XSS Vulnerability Patch with Major Update
Automattic to Revive WP Job Manager
WordPress Theme Authors Experiment with New Pricing on ThemeForest

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

Card Expiration Reminder for Stripe runs a customizable report and notifies Stripe subscription customers of credit cards that are soon to expire. This allows you to notify your customers before their card is declined and have them update their payment method in their account.

Sales Notify for WooCommerce promotes your recent sales by notifying visitors about them. For example, someone in Ohio just purchased a heavy-duty snow shovel.

WP Amazon SES SMTP plugin connects Amazon SES to your WordPress site for sending emails. It bypasses the normal WordPress mail function and sends email using Amazon’s SES service.

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