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This one is called Free PDF WordPress Flipbook Plugin, but they really just call it WPPDF. It does something very well, which is it publishes PDF documents on your WordPress site in sort of a magazine or a flipbook style. When you embed a PDF into your site, it does direct PDF rendering; there’s no conversion, it does no’t convert it into weird images, HTML5, or things like that.

It has a cool flipbook effect and it works on an unlimited number of pages. I would rather they include a couple of the pro features within the free version itself, too, like basically navigation controls, multi-zoom, retina support, and short coding for inserting a shelf, which is like a bookshelf which has all of your PDFs and inserting the actual publications within the post.

The premium version also has a year of support and updates in it as well. So all in all, I gave this one an even 6 out of 10. One, because they should have included a lot more functions in the free version and the fact that there’s a paid version in there as well, I kind of took out a point as well. But it’s definitely worth checking out if you want to include some PDF documents within a WordPress installation.

I know that a lot of clients that I’ve worked with out there do this for like stockholder reports or different other kinds of documentation, perhaps even the next plugin I’ve got is a resume builder. Maybe you want to embed your resume within your WordPress site. This one does a really good job of that.

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