Marcus Couch


When you advertise in Facebook, Google AdWords, or any other kinds of tools, it requires you to insert a bit of HTML code for tracking and conversion pixels. And a number of different things can happen and typically, there are plugins that help you with analytics, plugins that help you insert the Facebook pixel, and all of that. Well, I found one plugin that it lets you do all of them in one plugin. It’s called Tracking Code Manager, and quite simply, it lets you manage all of your tracking codes all in one place for every different service. You can just add them on the fly, as you need to.

It not only integrates with Google and Facebook; it also has other kinds of SAAS tools that it will integrate into. So if it’s got an interface, chances are pretty good that you can just put this in there. That’s things like Zen Desk and all of that. So it worked really well for me. I was able to take a couple of different plugins that I had and actually condensed them all into this one. I gave this one a perfect 10.

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