Marcus Couch


If you do a lot of different roles on your sites, and I’m talking about user access levels — it’s really difficult to see what that specific person sees without having to log in as them and then go in and do the test. This new plugin called Test User Role is actually kind of a user role simulator where when you log in and get that howdy screen up on the bar, you can actually click that and then decide which user role you’d like to be to experience the site.

It presents you with that complete package of what that role will see as you navigate and go around into the different aspects of the website. Now this is great for testing out membership plugins, e-commerce plugins, seeing if someone was a previous customer, if there’s specific content that goes to them — those kinds of things. So it’s really good in troubleshooting and auditing your site and just testing it from a user experience level. It’s called Test User Role. Outstanding plugin and I rated it an 8 out of 10.

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Rating: 8/10