Marcus Couch


For more than two years, I’ve been in a weekly routine of co-hosting the WordPress Plugins A-Z podcast with John Overall. Every week we talk about the latest and greatest in plugins. Sorting out the junk from the gems. We’re like the Siskel & Ebert of plugins, giving our opinions on the newest plugins being released in the repository.

Once the show is over though, we generally just set the meeting time for the next episode and hang up. This time however, I decided to take a rare opportunity to extend my time with John for a little WordPress “shop talk“. Like me, John has done hundreds of development projects. He’s seen just about everything that can (and will) go wrong with WordPress. John has done so much in WordPress that a majority of his business is providing emergency support. While so many people focus on the building of sites, John has specialized in fixing things that break in WordPress. You can call him any time, day or night and he’s there to rescue your WordPress install with emergency level support.

In this episode we talk about the ten plugins that John installs on every client site and why simplicity is often the most difficult concept for clients to grasp. So pull up a chair, grab a cold one and join me in my conversation with John Overall.