Marcus Couch


WordPress Plugin authors like Evan Herman are my favorite kind of developers. He loves the WordPress community to a degree that when he gives his contact information, he always includes his user name! I would classify Evan as a “lunch bucket” type of developer. The kind of guy that isn’t seeking notoriety or accolades and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in mind-numbing code. He simply gets the job done for the betterment of the WordPress community and moves on to the next project.

There is an army of folks out there just like Evan who may not be looking for the spotlight, but I’d like to give them the attention they deserve anyway. I welcome you to listen to my conversation with Evan about his plugins, the future of plugin development and other interesting observations about the WordPress community as a whole.

Evan has created two really great plugins worth checking out:

Expand + Collapse Funk

Expand + Collapse Funk is a new accordion style plugin that allows you to embed any kind of content you want into an easy “click to reveal” hidden content area that expands to full view when clicked. Though Evan originally designed it to work as a contact and course display mechanism, I have used this plugin for a Frequently Asked Questions section on a client site. With unlimited “nesting” of these collapsed hidden areas, the possibilities are endless.

WordPress Icons SVG

WordPress Icons – SVG is a beautiful set of over 500 relevant and modern vector icons that can be used on your WordPress installation within just a few clicks. These icons are derived from web fonts and are extremely scale-able. They do not degrade in quality with larger sizes. Another great feature of this plugin is the ability to use the same icons across all devices. No repetitive need to generate multiple Retina specific image versions for retina ready devices. By setting a maximum-width for the icon, it then becomes responsive.

This plugin is also great for developers who use icons on multiple sites and want to avoid the hassle of re-installing web fonts on to new servers. With this plugin it’s one click and you’re ready to begin working. You can use these anywhere in your themes.

So pull up a chair, grab a cold one and join us for Industry Night Episode #2 with Evan Herman.