Marcus Couch

Need a Dynamic Speaker for your event?

I've been engaged in public speaking about technology since my early teens.

Presenting on the topics of business and technology is my specialty. I've always had the knack for breaking down complex subject matters into an easy to understand conversation and presentation. For single session or multi-day workshops, I am available as a group coach and speaker.

Many expos and conferences need unique talks prepared for their specific audience. In other opportunities, some conferences are seeking rehearsed and motivating talks that challenge or captivate their audience. I have a verified track record of delivering many different kinds of talks and presentations. Always engaging, thought-provoking and highly rated by audiences.

As Featured In:

Smashing Magazine
Godaddy Garage
Sirius XM
WP Tavern
Podcamp West

What I speak about and present most frequently:

Podcast Production & Content Marketing Success.

As one of the earliest pioneers in the platform of podcasting, I've learned a thing or two about creating a successful production. From concept to implementation, a podcast can be a catalyst for promoting business and allowing you to become a top influencer in your industry or niche. My presentation covers both primary startup and advanced promotion and implementation.

Successful Best Practices for Membership Sites.

When developed and launched properly, running a Membership Site can be one of the most rewarding experiences for sharing your knowledge and skill set to a broad audience. Making mistakes early in the process can easily derail your site and quickly put your recurring revenue in peril. Learn the right way to approach creating a membership site as I present real world examples of both failure and success.

Advanced WordPress Technology Implementation.

For over a decade I have been implementing amazing technology add-ons for WordPress websites. From company blogs to full stack E-Commerce product websites, I have the expertise to present on a number of different iterations of WordPress Development. Always with a sense of humor and lightheartedness. Learn why I've consistently been one of the top developers within the WordPress community!

Customer Results

Providing your Customers with Value Driven Results.

Great websites and increased traffic are a fantastic start, but there is more to success than just search engine rankings. Google doesn't buy anything, people do! Your customers expect results for their money. I'll demonstrate real-world examples and procedures for providing your customers with the results they can't stop talking about! It's easy to do when you focus on solving problems, not creating them.

Brain Training

Breaking Past Negativity and Self-Doubt in Business.

A frequent affliction that many online entrepreneurs and influencers run into is self doubt or “Imposter Syndrome” a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. Break through this self-limitation and propel your work to greater heights. Become a true authority in your niche.

Artificial Intlligence

Using AI and Robotic Process Automation in your Business.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the process of using pre-programmed artificial intelligence to handle common tasks normally reserved for a human worker. From simple chat bots to advanced research and customer interaction, RPA will soon become a technology that takes over up to 50% of today's modern workforce. How do you take advantage of this trend? Let me show you how.

Processes and Workflows

Optimizing Workflow & Procedures in your Business.

Running an online business, agency or solo effort can be drastically challenging if you don't have a fully optimized procedural workflow. Learn how to maximize collaborative tools, project management systems and communication tools designed to take your business to new heights. A well-documented workflow process allows a business to take in double the amount of projects and generate exponentially more revenue.

Speaking Prerequisites

Before presenting, I require 4-6 weeks to prepare my presentation for your organization or event. When engaging in speaking to an international event, I may require 2-4 months advanced notice to manage my schedule effectively.

Contact me to see if my schedule aligns with your event requirements. I'm happy to discuss the results you would like your audience to come away with. I guarantee you will not be disappointed by my presentation. Let me hear about your event!