Marcus Couch

Podcasting with Marcus Couch

I've been a podcaster since 2004. I was one of the very first podcast creators in history.

My first podcast was titled “The Scene Zine” based on the magazine style audio program of the same name that I produced as part of the record company I owned. The show was very popular during the infancy stages of podcasting history. So much so that I was selected among the few early podcasts to be rebroadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio. Around the same time I was featured on the front page of the technology section of the Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald and throughout the country in USA Today.

Shortly after my podcasting career began, I was signed to the Podshow podcast network. I was particularly interested in signing with Podshow because it was lead by Adam Curry, aka “The Podfather”, the co-inventor of podcasting itself.

Once with Podshow, I created a new podcast called “Podshow Music Rewind” that collaborated with all the other music podcast producers on the network to make one combined show. It was a huge hit and also began getting rebroadcast on satellite radio. It also became a consistent “New and Notable” pick on iTunes for the better part of a year straight.

In 2011 I wanted to move from the music productions and focus on what was interesting me at the time. By this time I was already working at a Digital Marketing agency and developing amazing websites using WordPress. Rather then start something new, I decided to pursue joining an established podcast related to WordPress.

I soon joined forces with Canadian John Overall and his show WordPress Plugins A-Z. I joined around show 50 or so, and we've recently gone over episode #300.

Soon after joining with the plugins podcast I was also asked to join Jeff Chandler on WordPress Weekly, the official podcast for the WordPress community. I've loved every minute of co-hosting this show with Jeff Chandler. We get to interview some of the best and brightest people in and around WordPress. I've made some pretty good friends along the way as well.

There are some new podcasts that I want to produce and get involved in. I really have to have an interest in the subject matter at hand, so I am pretty picky about what kind of show I want to do. At the moment I am leaning toward making a podcast about investing. However I want it to be more of an analysis of the financial media rather than stock tips and BS financial advice. Only time will tell.

The thing that I am the most proud of is that I am among the first people, of not THE first to make a full time living as a podcast producer. I did it all from a spare bedroom and became one of the best in history at podcasting.