Marcus Couch


This is a very handy plugin. It’s called Download Media Library. The plugin lets you download your entire media library as a zip file. Options allow you to designate to download via post type, post name, media type, file extension, or all of the above. And really all you do is go into the plugin, you designate what you’d like to download. If you want to download all your image files in one zip file, this lets you do it, instead of just one at a time or trying to find them within your uploads directory in the content area. So this is very nice. It allows us to grab everything all at once. Really helpful when it comes to migrating sites or maybe you just want to copy and clone a site to somewhere else. Or maybe you just want to have a backup of all of the images. This one works quite well. So it’s called Download Media Library and I gave this one a 8 out of 10.

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Rating: 8/10