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It's Episode 8 and we've got our top bulls blogs to bookmark for the season, Zach Lavine says he’s back to his old self, More iTunes Reviews from you, the listener, Thibs is getting the “TimberBulls” band back together and more trades to think about with the ESPN Trade Machine.
Welcome to the Bulls Podcast, coming to you from This is where we’ll be bringing you the latest news, reviews, rants, rumors and opinions on the players, coaches and front office of the Chicago Bulls.
We want to pay some homage to some of the Bulls Bloggers out there that are keeping the fire lit for our favorite team. We appreciate all the hard work that these folks are doing and want to give them some recognition for their efforts. We have links to all of these in our show notes at These are listed in no particular ranking or order. We want to praise and support them all equally.
Pippen Ain't Easy/Fansided
This is one off the long time favorite Bulls blogs. They have a ton of new content every day. Even in the off season, the content will never ran dry for Pippen Ain’t Easy. Daniel Greenberg and Luke Askew are a great tag team of Bulls Bloggers. Throw in Aymin Bakr in there and you’ve got yourself one of the top Bulls Blogs there is. We highly recommend it.
Jason Patt, Paul Steeno, Vijay Vemu and Mark Karantzoulis (from BullsHQ) do a really good job of getting lots of Chicago Bulls content out there. It's one of my favorites for sure. They do a really good job of getting lots of Chicago Bulls content out there every day. It’s been a blessing to read in this dry desert of an offseason and we’re thankful that they keep the Bulls content going without a let-up.
Hoops Habit/Fansided
James Gilmore is a great Bulls writer and contributor over at Hoops Habit. He’s a great writer with a lot of content about the Bulls on the site. It’s another great resource to bookmark when you’re looking for Bulls content. Make sure you follow him on social too, because he has some great insights that happen real-time. You don’t want to miss that.
Da Windy City/Fansided
Patrick Sheldon is a great writer on the Bulls over at Da Windy City. We’ve used some of his posts as topics on the show in the past. He’s always looking for the deeper topics, and we really appreciate that. It would be easy to just do the same stuff everyone else is doing, but Patrick does a great job of mixing it up. He’s certainly one to bookmark as the season goes on.
Is there a Bulls Blog that we missed? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! We’re happy to add them to the list.  Next week we’re going to feature some of the top Facebook groups for Bulls fans. We’ll even have a couple of the founders of those groups on next week’s show as guests, so make sure you stay subscribed for that one.
Zach Lavine says he’s feeling like his old self again
Fansided recently did a piece with Zach Lavine in which he said he feels like he’s back to normal again.
“I got my speed back, my jumping back,” he says. “Once you get off an ACL injury, you’re lifting and eating. So I got up to, like, 210 pounds. I’ve never been that heavy before. I’m not a post-up player. I’m fast, a more athletic guy. I got back down to the weight I need to be at [185 pounds], but still I feel strong. I feel really good, man. I’m excited for the season….